Are you ready to start working to take better care of yourself?

Totally Online

No need to sign up to a gym and spend  $$$$ in a nutritionist. It takes the hassle of parking, driving, attending a class away.

This program runs completely online, so you can do it from anywhere you are. No matter where your travels take you, pleasure or business, friends or family you can do it.

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Every week you will receive a different but specially designed meal plan with recipes to tackle anti-inflammation,  gut health, thyroid health and weight loss. 

Included in your plan will be: Shopping lists and nutritional information of each recipe. 



Through our mobile App. you will:

 1.  Receive monthly workouts.

  • Scheduled in a weekly planner

  • 3 strength workouts a week

  • 2 cardio workouts that you can choose from

  • 2 rest days where you can do anything you choose

  • 30-minute workouts you can do anywhere

  • Complete how-to videos attached to each exercise

  • Timer to let you focus on your technique

  • Low Impact Exercise

    2.- Connect My Fitness Pal or your Fitbit  

    3. Instant messaging with me


We will have weekly video group coaching calls in which we will talk about your progress and ways to improve it. I will be there every week to guide and support you on this 8-week project to make sure you are motivated and succeed.


As part of the BodyGlow Tribe, you will have the full support of this community. 
If you still are not part of this Tribe, make sure to check it out on FaceBook @bodyglowtribe

If you were 100% certain that doing THIS would lead you to your Beach Body goal, would you be able to make it?


How much is this going for?

This 8-week program will be running for a total of only

€ 200, that's just less than € 25 a week of meal plans, workouts and coaching.   

You will be part of an exclusive group of women who will receive a very special program tailored specially to your needs with recipes designed to tackle hormones, inflammation, weight loss; customised workouts, so they're challenging but at the same time easy to follow and effective;  you will have the opportunity to talk to your coach and get the motivation, support and tools you will need to keep going.

This is not your regular program. A bespoke program, like this one, can cost up to 600€ or more, but I am willing to offer this to you for so much less. Are you ready?


Are you a member of our In-Person VIP group? If you are an active paying client who joins one of our classes or is a One-to-One client; then you can join this 8-week bespoke programme for just € 160,00 for the whole 8 weeks! If you are one of our VIP IN PERSON clients, call today to reserve your spot!