As a mother, wife, daughter, and coach, I want to help women who have moved abroad find their path to a healthy and active lifestyle. Being an expat myself for the last 10 years; a long-time athlete; a functional training and Pilates coach; and having passionate for cycling, hiking, and trail running - I understand the challenges of living abroad and finding time for yourself. As an active part of the global fitness community, I’ve passionately worked in the fitness industry in London, Hong Kong, and now Barcelona. 

Moving to a different country means adapting to what is available locally. This adjustment can have an impact on your health and weight. At the same time, finding the right coach or fitness program can be daunting; in several places, you may struggle to find an instructor or coach who speaks your language.

Are you a woman who left your home country with your family and are struggling to find the right exercise program? Do you need some nutritional guidance, even if you have some existing knowledge of healthy eating? Have you tried many diets and exercise trends without long-term results?

Your daily routine shapes your lifestyle. This is where the key to your success lies. You want to change? Let’s work on your “whys.” The deeper you look- the more committed to your change you’ll be. If you’re thinking of a lifestyle change, I would love to hear from you. Let’s chat!


Barcelona, Spain

Mon – Sat
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Images provided by D.Marie Imagery

Images provided by D.Marie Imagery