What are your goals in life? My 4 tips to help you achieve them...


What have you’ve always dreamt of achieving if you had no limits?

I always dreamt of being able to help others in some way, run a race, have a wonderful family, and be able to travel the world. Little by little I have been able to achieve all of these goals, including helping women look and feel their best for over the last 10 years. 

It wasn't easy. It meant I had to set up a plan, fall many times, get up again and always be kind to myself. 

So, this is me! What about you? Perhaps you want to be able to beat those afternoon sugar cravings, stop smoking, lose those 5kgs, start meditation every morning… 

By now, I have had so many experiences and have had so many relationships that have carved me into the person I am today. In every experience, I had to make a choice. These choices made me who I am today. Same goes with all of us.   

So why are some people stuck at achieving their goals, and others seem to be getting everything they aim for?  

At our stage in life, we know exactly what we want. However for some people, it seems life always gets in the way: Children, social commitments, chores, work, etc. They blame it on others, they make up excuses as to why they haven't got what they’ve always dreamt of. Life becomes a series of reactions to emotions to events.

For another group, life seems to be happening as they want. They seem happy, satisfied and under control. This group may look like this. However, they have been constantly working to get to where they are. 

Everything you are in life is because of the choices you’ve made. Be happy with who you are but always look to improve yourself. 

Here are 4 things you have to live by in order to accomplish what you deserve: 

  • Consistency, 80% of your success in anything is due to being consistent. The best way to stay consistent is to start small and progress from there. 

  • Honesty: be true to yourself and your values. Understand your expectations, make them real.

  • Take Action: nothing happens on its own. You have to make it happen and move. 

  • Mindset: no matter what bump you may encounter down the road, stay positive and have the right attitude. Every obstacle is an opportunity to grow. Learn from it and keep moving forward. 

Are you feeling stuck? Are you in need of a plan to achieve your health goals? What is it that you’ve always dreamt of having?