What are you getting on this package?

€ 97,00 monthly

  • Complete lifestyle assessment: we will determine where you are right now in terms of nutrition, exercise and style of living, what foods you like to eat and what activities you enjoy. This is a very thorough assessment to determine the best course of action we take for you.

  • Finding your why? what motivates you? Understanding a deep reason for you to embark on this journey. You will keep this handy because it will help you in the future.

  • Realistic goals set up: small practices lead to big results. Very important to understand your goals from the beginning and set realistic ones in the time frame that we set. Guarantee small success that will help you keep moving forward.

  • 5 monthly workout program with detailed explanations delivered through Trainerize: you will receive 30 minute workouts to practice during 4 weeks. You will sign into our APP and check in daily.

  • Support and guidance: You will become a member of the BG Tribe closed Facebook group. A great tool to ask questions and support from like-minded women.

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